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Sweet or Savory Scones & Pastries

Perfect for Afternoon Tea

Our scones are baked fresh using gluten free ingredients and do keep for several days, but are just as tasty out of the freezer. Our cheese and chives scones are especially nice gently warmed in the microwave with a little melted butter. 

Scones, sausage rolls, and savoury pastries.

Using only the best gluten free ingredients.

Sausage meat pie and sausage rolls are a Great British tradition.

It is hard to find a good sausage roll that is made with a gluten free flour blend. We make more large pies than individual rolls as the ratio of meat to pastry is balanced, and if there is any left it can be used for packing up just the same!

Our deli style, Mediterranean flavour pastry swirls are a winner in you love a tasty

pastry to have with dips and soft cheeses.


We also make crunchy, savoury biscuits (known locally as 'Suffolk Rusks' but our recipe uses a low fat spread instead of the traditional lard pastry and we flavour them with Parmesan, garlic and herbs. These are delicious with soup! 

Sweet & savory scones are perfect for afternoon tea. We make scones using a gluten free flour blend and to order so that they are perfectly fresh.

Whether you like sweet, fruit scones with jam and clotted cream or prefer cheese & chives or a savoury alternative with butter or cream cheese, you won't be disappointed.


Scones are very versatile and can be made in a variety of flavours so don't be afraid to make suggestions. They freeze very well and are handy for lunchboxes. 

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