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An acre of mature gardens

The Dove Inn, our Inspiration

As local people, we have always known The Dove in its varying forms over the years. A pub back in the 1960s, a country French restaurant in the 1980s, a farmer's kitchen in the 1990s and a bed & breakfast with restaurant in the more recent past. 

We felt that the venue and its beautiful location had so much potential. We knew that we would need to 'think outside the box' to stand a chance of making it a successful business following the devastation of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry in recent years. Furthermore, we knew that we would have to work hard to achieve this on a very limit budget. But in June 2022, the Dove came back on the market to let and we took the plunge! 

Here is a little bit about us. 

The Dove Inn is truly a family run business. 

Sonya and Lee have several years experience in the hospitality industry and took on the lease for The Dove in June 2022.  

Sonya manages the catering and events side of the business, and Lee oversees the bar and general maintenance of the site.

It is a family real affair: 

Son Robert set up and supports managing the booking platform and website, as well as designing and printing media. He often gets roped in to bar work, heavy lifting and has regularly been the cleaning and bed making team supported by his fiancé Lynsay and the children. 

Daughter Kirsty and granddaughter Freya, both working weekend shift front of house and daughter Connie supporting outside catering. 

Sonya's sister, Amanda provides kitchen and bar support on the weekends and niece, Charlotte, helps out with outside catering as a waitress. 

All the wider family provide oodles of moral support and encouragement!

We have been very lucky as the staff that work alongside us as a family have shown commitment to our values and dedication. We thank them for their hard work. 

The Dove Inn
Warm, Welcoming and Beautiful 

We are so lucky to work in this environment, one that we have created to share with our visitors and guests and hope that they love it as much as we do!

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